treehouse for web
treehouse hotel (simon and schuster –  november 2017)
maggie bateson and KAREN WALL

It’s almost time for the grand opening of the Tree House Hotel! The squirrels have been busy hanging decorations, preparing a delicious feast and a colourful fireworks display. Betty Bunny and Kenny Kitten can’t wait to explore and slip off to play hide and seek! But as Kenny disappears into the maze of corridors and darkness falls, Betty starts to worry. Will she find him before they get into big trouble for slipping off? And will they miss the feast and the fireworks?

Swim in the pool, jump on the tyre swing, hop across the log walk and dine in the terrace restaurant before going to bed upstairs in the Oak, Acorn or Rainbow suites.

Create your own tree house stories using the pop up hotel, press out characters, furniture and party props.